Art Links For 07/20/2009

Xi Pan
I first blogged Xi Pan a couple years.  It's nice to see that see is still cranking out her wonderful figurative.

Little Black Dress (2008)

Spring (2008)
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Art of Natalie Shau
I blogged Natalie's work over three years ago, and she just keeps getting better and better, not to mention weirder an weirder too. ;-)

Lady of Shalott

Nastasya i Aglaya (2009)
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Kawase Hasui: Rare Prints of the Pre-Earthquake Years
This is a new exhibit at LACMA of Kawase Hasui's rarest pre-earthquake (1922) Shin hanga woodblock prints.

Zenjoji In Snow (1922)
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The Agnes Chamberlin Digital Collection via Scout Report
These are some beautiful scans (318) from the University of Toronto of wild flowers an mushrooms

Aquilegia canadensis -- Wild Columbine
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Edwin Ushiro Personnel Art Collection
The fascinating painting below is on a girl who was murdered and the legend of her image reappearing in her Hawaii neighborhood.

The Diligent Night/Old Pali Girl
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Shingo Shimizu
I like colors of these illustrations.

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Takachan Sei

Mio Larger Image
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