Art Links For 07/13/2009

Lisa Alisa via TokyoBunnie
These are really exceptional works of figurative art.

Heart Snatcher

Milk (2008)
[ ]

Kaori Watanabe
I like these.

Open Mind (2007)
[ ]

Eric Fortune
I love the painting below.

A Moon of my Own
[ ]

Melissa Haslam
Is she going to eat those poor bunnies?

Vodka Bunnies
[ ]

Paul Gustave Fischer
Very nice painting.

Sunbathing in the Dunes (1916)
[ ]

Italian Movie Posters via Everlasting Blort
Last but not least, we have a large set of Italian movie posters and ads on Flickr from the sublime (Fellini) to the absurd (Toto).

Nights of Cabiria (1957)

Toto of Arabia (1964)
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