Video Links For 06/29/2009

Muddy Waters - You Can't Loose What Your Never Had [Lyric]
This is wonderful live blues number by the legendary Muddy Waters and his band.

Muddy Waters
[ ]

A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover [Lyrics] @AFineFrenzy
I like this song and the Pre-Raphaelite like beauty of Alison Sudol. Also, here is a live version of this song.

A Fine Frenzy
[ ]

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses [Lyrics] @Franz_Ferdinand
These guys are damn good.  Here is a live version of this song.

Franz Ferdinand
[ ]

Monkey Majik - Change
Not a bad tune.

Monkey Majik 
[ ]

Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance [Lyrics] @Lykke_Li via Blog About

Lykke Li
[ ]

Barcode Brothers - Flute
This is a nice song to shave by in the morning.  Weird video though...

Barcode Brothers 
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