Art Links For 06/29/2009

Diana and her Nymphs by Robert Burns
I saw nymphs image be from Mica, and then took a look again on Wikimedia Commons and found this amazing art deco painting by Scottish Robert Burns (not the poet).

Diana and her Nymphs by Robert Burns (1926)

Nymph Beauties via Mica
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KMR via Akubi Zone
These are simply wonderful paintings from KMR.  I want one!!!  Make that two!!!


Candy Apple
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William Sergeant Kendall (1869 1938)
This is a nice set of Kendall's paintings from the American Gallery.

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Makan Emadi
These are interesting paintings by Iranian artist Makan Emadi.

Miss Liberty (2008)

Miss July (2004)
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Women -- Clothing & dress -- 1940-1949 (NYPL)
This is a small set of images but very colorful and the models are very lovely too.

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