Art Links For 06/22/2009

Mike Cockrill
I love these!!!

Flag Day (2008)

Boy Scout Salute (2009)
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Yoko Ono Official's Flick Photostream
I was looking for the official site for Suu Kyi's 64th birthday, and I found like to Yoko Ono's Twitter page (great tweets) are vand also this marvelous archive of her and John Lennon images.  It's just amazing! Yoko Ono is quite an amazing woman.  I would image that her life story would make one hell of movie!

John Lennon's Green Card

John And Yoko (1968)
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Gladys Monkhouse
I like her colors and costume designs.

The Spirit of Color (1917)
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Bukowski Gallery
These are very nice and fun illustrations for Bukowski's writings.

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