Art Links For 05/18/2009

These are wonderful.  I really like the translucent effect, the subject matter and the beautiful colors. Check out this close-up of the Tyukateien image below.

Tyukateien 2006

Hurinaro 2005
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Nguyen Thanh Hai
I love this painting.  Is the kitten going to jump on the sleeping beauty or what?

[ ]

Touko Yuma
These surrealist images are excellent!

Thorn Rose
[ ]

Ken Matsuyama
These are really fun. I only wish there were more.

Purple Dog
[ ]

Abbott Thayer - Virgin Enthroned 1891
The more I look at Thayer's work the more impressed I become.

Virgin Enthroned 1891
[ ]

World War Poster Collection
These are great scans of war posters from the University of North Texas.

WWII Poster
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