Art Links For 05/11/2009

The American Art Museum @1934 Pool on Flickr
This part of the wonderful exhibit by the American Art Museum.  Also, here is a online exhibit from the museum and below is a description from the 1934 exhibit.

1934: A New Deal for Artists celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Public Works of Art Program by drawing on the Smithsonian American Art Museum's unparalleled collection of vibrant artworks created for the program.

E. Martin Hennings - Homeward Bound

Ross Dickinson - Valley Farms
[ ]

Keita Tatsuguchi - Materialism
These are excellent!

Painting of a Girl (2007)

[ ]

Edward Hopper - Summer Interior
This is a gorgeous painting by my favorite American painter.

Summer Interior (1909)
[ ]

Robert Henri - Mata Moana
Not too shabby, don't you think?

Mata Moana
[ ]

Stella Im Hultberg
It's good to see that Stella is still painting away.

For What You Dream Of (2008)
[ ]

The Movie Posters Pool
This is a great set of posters on Flickr.

Metropolis Poster (1927)
[ ]

Paper Dolls - A set on Flickr
Cute, No?

Japanese Cut Out Paper Doll Book Cover
[ ]


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