Art Links For 05/04/2009

Yuki Nagayoshi 永吉 友紀
I haven't blogged Yuki's work in some time.  It's nice to see she's still creating wonderful figurative paintings.  I love her work, and she is one of my favorite living artists.

Painting (2009)

Lithograph (2000)
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Ye Tao
These are great.  I want one!

King Kong (2008)

Golden Fingers (2008)
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Edvarda Braanaas via traveling with the ghost
This very talented artist from Norway was in influenced by master painters like Balthus, and it shows. If you look at her paintings closely you can a lot going on.


[ ]

Luis Comfort Tiffany - Girl with Cherry Blossoms
This is an absolutely beautiful large scan by the great one.

Girl With Cherry Blossoms (about 1890)
[ ]

Guy Rose - The Green Parasol
This is a big beautiful scan - Wow!

Green Parasol (1911)
[ ]

Fass times 5!
It's nice to see Datajunkie scanning again.  Is that Miss California?

Tales from the Tomb
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