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The Falafel King 4/6

The Minnesota Fat Lady Sings 4/2

Guess Who's NOT Coming To Dinner 4/1

Limbaugh To Play Otis Campbell In New Mayberry G.O.P. Series 3/30

Krugman's Victory Garden Despair 3/25

Bloggers See Deity In Pizza Pie 3/24

Joe The Plumber To Compete In Annual Buckeye Rut  3/23

Pope Says Condom Use Bad For Lebensraum 3/23

Same Card, Same Joker 3/16

Limbaugh Survives Plunge Over Niagara Falls 3/13

If The Moon Was Made Of Dung... 3/5

Joe The Plumber And OctoMom To Be Wed 3/3

Live Long And Prosper 3/2

Ayn Rand Turns Over In Her Grave 2/28

Shelby Tries To Think, But Nothing Happens 2/24

The GOP Mantra: Every Ham For Himself 2/21

Pope To Canonize Von Ribbentrop 2/18

Baby Newt's Temper Tantrum 2/16

Shelby Commits Suicide After Stimulus Bill Passes 2/21

Night Of The Living Dead GOP Ideas 2/9

One Flew Over The Limbaugh's Nest 1/27

Mullah Limbaugh 1/24

Ding Dong The Chimp Is Dead! 01/19

Baby Cheney Born At National Zoo 01/12

Obama Nominates Clinton's Dog 01/09

Superbad 01/07

Bye Bye Bushie 01/05

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