Art Links For 02/23/2009

Wang Limin
This Chinese artist is very talented. He really seems to capture the mood and personality of his female subjects.  When his colors are right like in the painting below, his work soars.

Chinese Praise (September 2008)
[ ]

Rene Lynch - figurative artist, Brooklyn NY
Often weird, but I really like her art.

The Messenger (2006)
[ ]

Pierre-CÚcile Puvis de Chavannes via Japonisme
This is another great Symbolist painter.  There are also some more of his images at the ARC.

Hope (1872)
[ ]

Nighttime Paintings in Amy Crehore's Solo Show
I like this one by Amy.

Song of the Wind (2009)
[ ]

Becoming Edvard Munch: Influence, Anxiety, and Myth
If I was in the Chicago area, I would definitely check this Munch exhibit out.

Anxiety (1894)
[ ]


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