Video Links For 01/05/2009

Jimmie Rodgers - Waiting for a Train (c1930s) [Lyrics]
The Father of Country Music sings the country blues, great stuff.

Jimmie Rodgers
[ ]

The Mills Brothers - Paper Doll (c1950s) [Lyrics]
Whatever happened to harmony anwway?

Mills Brothers
[ ]

Sunnyland Slim - Tin Pan Alley (1966) [Lyrics?]
This guy is great, and my favorite find of this week.  I ordered one of his CDs.

Sunnyland Slim 
[ ]

Paul Pena - Jet Airliner (2001) [Lyrics]
Steve Miller covered his song back in the 1970s.

Paul Pena 
[ ]

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk [Lyrics]
These guys are really talented, and I really like their "Upper West Side Soweto" sound.

Vampire Weekend
[ ]

Metronomy - Heartbreaker [Lyrics]
Nice tune.

[ ]


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