Suzuki Harunobu At The Boston MFA

Boston MFA's Suzuki Harunobu Collection
I have blogged Suzuki Harunobu's exceptional ukiyo-e prints before, but I was not aware at the time of Boston Museum of Fine Art's huge collection of over 650 Harunobu woodblock prints.  Someone needs to update Wikipedia to include the MFA URL.

Harunobu was the first ukiyo-e printmaker to create full-color printing in 1765 (nishiki-e).  His favorite subject matter was beautiful, thin young girls and women. His prints also contained many depictions of the common scenes and people of Edo period.  His artwork also includes references to classic Japanese poetry, often parodying them.  I wish I new more about these poems.

Here's some of my favorites from the collection, but it's hard to choose because there are so many wonderful images.

Waitresses of the Eiraku-an Restaurant (1769)

Young Woman Reading a Letter by Lantern Light (1767-68)

Two Young Women Watching Geese (1767-68)

Young Couple with Lucky New Year Dream Symbols:
Mount Fuji, Falcon, and Eggplant (1768-69)
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