Art Links 01/26/2009

Lisa Kettell's Photostream
There are a lot of interesting scans in Lisa's Flickrstream.  My favorite was the image below - Maddy Spellbinder.

Maddy Spellbinder
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Joseph Lefebrve - Girl with a Mandolin
This is another great painting by one of my favorite artists - Joseph Lefebrve.

Girl with a Mandolin
[ ]

Daughter of the Dragon - Anna May Wong
This is another excellent scan from Mica.

Anna May Wong
[ ]

March Castle : Illustration Via Glubibulga
I love these illustrations.  Here's the artist's description of the painting: "This illustration is about everything that is negative and positive in life.".

[ ]

"Dreamgirls and Ukes" Sneak Peeks by Amy Crehore
It looks like Amy will make her opening date.  I think her painting just gets better and better.

Dreamgirls & Ukes Poster
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