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Video Links For 12/08/2008

Leadbelly - Where Did you Sleep Last Night - [Lyrics]
Folk Blues songs really don't get any better that this one.  It's truly a great song by the blues and folk legend Leadbelly.  I also included Nirvana's cover tribute below.

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Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - "Rock me Mama" (1944)
Arthur Crudup was another of those remarkable Mississippi delta blues legends. His recording of That's Alright Mama and So Glad You're Mine were both covered by Elvis and some of the few songs I liked by the so-called King. Here's Arthur singing So Glad You're Mine (Live 1973).

Arthur Crudup
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Go-Bang's - Bye-Bye-Bye
Insert this week's Japanese girl rock band (1991) here.

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Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out [Lyrics]
This alternative rock band from Scotland is really talented.  BTW, they are named after Archduke Ferdinand, whose assassination in 1914 was the catalyst for the WWI.

Franz Ferdinand
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Blink 182 - I miss you [Lyrics]
This pop punk band from Poway, California is very good.  They also starred in a Leave It To Beaver parody on Mad TV - Leave it to Blink 182 (Mad TV).

Blink 182
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Maria Mena - I miss you love [Lyrics]
I like this Norwegian singer.  She's beautiful isn't she?

Maria Mena
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