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Vintage MFA Japanese New Year's Postcards

Museum of Fine Arts Japanese New Year's Postcards
This is my last (but not least) set of cards from the MFA's wonderful Japanese postcard collection.  There are 837 images which match new year's postcard, and these are some of my favorites from the different style postcards, e.g., Art Deco, Art Nouveau, etc. BTW, the Japanese celebrate New Year's on January 1 and have been doing so since 1873.

Young Girl in Geometric Patterned Kimono

Sanzo Monk from Rekishi shashin (1917)

Woman Playing Koto from The Series The Culture of New Year's (Oshogatsu fuzoku)

Girl and Mice (1912)

Cranes with Mount Fuji


Bowing Japanese Woman (1906)

Children's Gathering on New Year's Day

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