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Art Links For 12/01/2008

Zhang Zhen
These are very nice figurative paintings from the Shanghai artist Zhang Zhen, according to this article about her:

Zhang Zhen was selected in 2007 as one of China’s top 25 emerging artists by a prestigious panel of art critics, including the curator of the Asian Art Museum in the USA, Jeff Kelley, and the director of Art Cologne, Gerard Goodrow. Zhang's paintings are private and sensual, yet magically dreamlike at the same time.


There are more of her works here and here.

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mica12244art's Photostream
Mica just keeps posting all of these wonderful vintage art images that she finds.  Great eye candy!

Out of the Blue

Goddard Pinup Egyptian Princess
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Kyotonils' Photostream via Alive in Kyoto
There are some very nice colorful Fall images from Kyoto.  I have to go back there some time and spend about a month or two.

A Fall Image From Kyoto
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Little Hokum Rag: Don't Miss "Gen Art Vanguard" - Dec 4-7, 2008 Miami, FLA
Amy just keeps getting better and better.  If you happen to be in Miami in December, check out her paintings.

The Song of the Firefly (2008)
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The Tokyo Bibliophile
Here are some more beautiful gems posted by Lotusgreen.

Japanese Soup Label?
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Tango with Cows via Scout Report
Book art exhibit from the Getty Museum featuring books by the Russian Avant-Garde (1910-17).

A Game In Hell: Poem (1912)
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Christmas and holiday cards for geeks

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