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Japanese Postcards - MFA

MFA Boston: Japanese Postcard Collection Highlights
I've blogged a link to MFA collection of Japanese postcards over four years ago, but the MFA has recently added this Flash of their collection highlights.  The 98 postcards exhibited are simply beautiful.  The MFA actually has over 20,000 postcards in their main collection, which is an unbelievable treasure trove of turn of the century Japanese artwork.  Here is the non-Flash version.   They must have the largest collection of Japanese artwork outside of Japan. I will be blogging more Japanese artwork from the MFA in next few days and weeks.    So stay tuned.

Female Nude Seated in Water by Ichijo Narumi (1906)

Client in a Print Shop from Ehagaki Sekai

Woman Holding Hand Drum by Nakazawa Hiromitsu

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