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Video Links For 10/20/2008

John Lee Hooker with Roy Rogers - ''Boogie Chillen'' [Lyrics]
John Lee Hooker plays his 1948 hit Boogie Chillen in 1992 in Berkeley.

John Lee Hooker
[ ]

Talk Talk - Life's what you make it [Lyrics]
This was a pretty decent band back in the 80s.

Talk Talk
[ ]

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days [Lyrics]
These guys were pretty good too.

Wang Chung
[ ]

Green Day - Working Class Hero [Lyrics]
Green Day covers John Lennon's great song Working class hero.

Green Day
[ ]

Panic at the Disco: I Write Sins Not Tragedies [Lyrics]

Panic at the Disco
[ ]

Aly & A.J.- Walking On Sunshine [Lyrics]
Aren't they cute little teeny boppers?

Aly & AJ
[ ]

Katrina and the Waves
[ ]

"I'm Snaking a Septic Tank-Pinch Me" Bill Maher 10/17/08
Bill Maher is great as always in this introduction that covers Joe the Plumber.


New Rules

[ ]

10,000 McCainiacs
Jon Stewart covers the Frankenstein monster that created.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Tina Fey On Her Sarah Palin Impression (Letterman)
She's great!

Tina Fey
[ ]


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