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Strange Angels

Angels - Wikimedia Commons
This is is interesting set of mostly paintings in which angels are depicted.  Being a Darwinian, it's hard for me to imagine such creatures being plausible, but art has never been constrained by scientific theories.  Here is my fantasy of what angels ought to be like.  Also, here's an unlikely group of angels celebrating a lesbian encounter from 1744.  BTW, Strange Angels is a great song (lyrics) by performance artist Laurie Anderson.

This is a wonderful painting of Eos by one of my favorite Pre-Raphaelite artists Evelyn De Morgan.

Evelyn De Morgan, Eos (1895)

The painting below is of the artist's beautiful eleven year old daughter Mary.

Abbott Handerson Thayer, Angel (1889)

Sebastiano Mainardi, Virgin Adoring the Child with Two Angels (1490's)

Meister von Moulins, Maria in der Glorie und Engel (1489-99)

This is also a beautiful painting of angels by Bouguereau.

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