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Video Links For 09/15/2008

Muddy Waters & James Cotton - Got My Mojo Working (Live 1966) [Lyrics]
What a wonderful video of Blues legends Muddy Waters singing and James Cotton on harp.   The older I get the better the Blues sound to me, and it just don't any better than this.   I love YouTube!

Muddy Waters and James Cotton
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Mississippi John Hurt - You Got to Walk that Lonesome Valley [Lyrics]
This is heavenly.  Thank God that Pete Seeger documented many of these great early American Blues and Folk singers on his Rainbow Quest show in the 1960s.

Mississippi John Hurt
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Captain Beefheart & Magic Band - Sure 'nuff 'n Yes I do [Lyrics] via The Rip Post
I think Captain Beefheart was to Blues like what John Coltrane was to Jazz.  Beefheart really took the Blues to another dimension in other words.  Great tune.

Captain Beefheart
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Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang (Live) [Lyrics]
I love Chrissie Hynde's voice.  The Pretenders were a decen band too.

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Midnight Oil - The Power & The Passion (1983) [Lyrics]
This is an interesting song from the Australian group Midnight Oil.

Midnight Oil
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Alabama Red Peppers - Japanese Foxtrot - 1928
Not sure on the origin of this song, according to the YouTube note this song was done by Bob Haring.  There are some very nice scans of Japanese imagery to watch as you listen to this upbeat song.

A Scan from the Video
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The Muppet Show - Sheik of Araby
Funny stuff.  Also, check out Benny Goodman.

The Muppet Show 
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SNL: Palin and Clinton Exhort To End Sexism In The Campaign
Tina Fey looks uncannily like Sarah Palin.  Too Funny!  Also, Matt Damon Rips Sarah Palin.

"Palin" and "Clinton"
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Bill Maher: New Rules, 9/12/08
Nice to see Bill Back on HBO.

Bill Maher
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Michael Palin for President via Dvorak
He'd get my vote!

Michael Palin
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MoreCowbell via B3TA
This is a pretty clever site. I'm sure most everybody by now has seen the more cowbell sketch, with Bruce Dickenson.  Now you can add more cowbell and Bruce to your favorite MP3 recording.  Below is the MP3 that I uploaded.  Please don't ask where I got that song from - LOL!

  Make your own at 

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