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The Art of Kaoruko

Kaoruko is modern Japanese artist that I would place (rightly or wrongly) in the Superflat movement.   I really love her playful themes, colors and her girls just being girls. Here is how she described her work in an interview with Phofa

My portrayals of women are of scenes where one would reveal to another woman, but never to a man. Portraits of a woman sitting in a toilet or playing video game in their underwear, the situations are various, but no matter how close one may be to a man, these situations are never ever revealed to the opposite sex. The drawings are of every day life, almost something you do subconsciously when a woman is alone or with another woman. Itís like peeping in to that scene.

This is my Favorite Painting by Kaoruko (Tokyoko 2007)

Here's her bio from the same article.  Kaoruko also make animations and some wonderful objects too.  There are also a few more examples of her work on this site.

Kaoruko, known artistically as TOKYOKO, a fresh face from Japan's exciting young art scene asks her viewer's the question - "In a city like Tokyo, what kind of life style do most women live?" In Japan, women are expected to fulfill the Japanese ideal figure with a beautiful, modest and gentle manner. But is it their real style? Through her paintings, drawings and sculptures, TOKYOKO wants to show the real world of the Tokyo Girl we only see behind closed doors.

Untitled Painting

Formerly a teen Pop-Star, and her imagery is widely known in Tokyo's young art and pop scene. In addition to her exhibitions of artwork, she has produced music videos for top selling artists, created animated characters and titles for hit Japanese television shows on Nippon Television and Television Tokyo and in 2004, TOKYOKO produced and directed the independent short film "Indie Wars" for Nippon Television.

Keiko Series

Tokyoko Series

Here's an interesting Video on Kaoruko's artwork.

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