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Art And Video Links For 09/01/2008

Daniel Lim
I blogged Daniel Lim a few years and decided to see what she is up to lately.  What I found on her site were the 1000 charming and affordable colored pencil, pastel and acrylic drawings.  I really think a lot of the drawings are great, and for $100 I plan to pick one up for myself.  Daniel also has more detailed art item for sale here, e.g., Hold Me below.

Hold Me (2008)

Butterflies For Annie (2008)

Leve (2007)
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I really like her Geisha Project series.

Geisha With Spider
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It's  A Small World After All
This is an interesting collection of images by Lotus Green.

Amaryllis Perfume Advertisement
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Freddie King - Boogie Funk and Have You Ever Loved A Woman [Lyrics]
Freddie King is another great Blues Guitar legend.  His excellent guitar playing is highlighted in this 1973 version of the instrumental Boogie Funk followed by King's singing on his 1960 hit song Have You Ever Loved A Woman.  If I could only play 1/10 as good as Freddie, I run out and buy a Fender Stratocaster tomorrow!  I know that's not the same brand that King's using, but that's the axe I'd buy!

Freddie King
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Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now (Live, 1970) [Lyrics]
I always loved this song by sung the angelic Joni Mitchell.  The lyrics to this song are some of the best ever written.  It always brings a little tear to my why I hear this song.

Joni Mitchell
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Sade - No Ordinary Love (Live) [Lyrics]
Sade Abu is real quite the modern diva, which a very sexy and beautiful voice.  I think Sade looks like the Egyptian queen Nefertiti

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Kate Bush - Running up that Hill [Lyrics]
This great song from a great lady - Kate Bush.

Kate Bush
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Neil Young - Old Man (Live) [Lyrics]
I've always like this song by Neil Young.

Neil Young
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Coldplay - Clocks [Lyrics]
I like this song.

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Placebo - Meds [Lyrics]
This song cracks me up.

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Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle [Lyrics]
This is a great version of this song originally by New Order.

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Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me [Lyrics]
You know I almost forgot about this group.

Simple Minds 
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