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Video Links For 08/04/2008

Ol' Man River by Paul Robeson on Showboat 1936 [Lyrics]
This a great scene with the amazing voice of Paul Robeson singing and acting.  Here's the original recording by Robeson from 1928.  I like to see a well produced Hollywood movie made about Paul Robeson's fascinating life.  There are documentaries out there.  I put Paul Robeson: Here I Stand in my Netflix queue.

Paul Robeson
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John Coltrane Quartet - Afro Blue (Live)
This is a nice live number by St. John.

St. John
[ ]

Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign (Live in Sweden 1980) [Lyrics]
This is an excellent video of Albert King playing and singing his trademark song. 

Albert King
[ ]

T-Rex - Children of The Revolution [Lyrics]
This is a very unique and interesting song from the early 70's.

T-Rex - Children of the Revolution
[ ]

Chic - Le Freak (Live) [Lyrics]
And then there was disco.

Chic - Le Freak
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Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music [Lyrics]
Back to modern times.

[ ]

The Daily Show: McCain touted his accomplishments-missed by media: Oh, and the Hiltons might want their money back
John has fun at McCain's well deserved expense.

John Stewart
[ ]

Gergen: McCain Using Code Words To Attack Obama As "Uppity"
David Gergen is right on the code words used by McCain and his Rovian minions.

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