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McCain's Biography: I Love Lucy

Hollywood (IWR Satire) - IWR has decided to take Karl Rove's sage advice and cover the real story of John McCain's biography.  It is important to note here that no presidential candidate since Eisenhower has used more black and white photos to document his life's story as John McCain has

The simple answer is that McCain is just an angry, old, and vain man obsessed with his past, but let's give John the benefit of doubt and examine his biography more closely and objectively. 

This is the first in a series of IWR reports about John McCain's biography.

The "I Love Lucy" Years

From 1951 to 1957, John McCain starred as Fred Mertz in the group breaking sitcom - I Love Lucy.  Under the alias of William Frawley, John played the balding, conservative, stingy and grouchy husband of Ethyl Mertz.  The Mertz's were next door neighbors and friends of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. 

McCain. who was a WWI veteran and star of vaudeville, often sang and danced as part of the I Love Lucy show.

Next in this series, we will document McCain's other acting roles as "Bub" on My Three Sons and "Grandpa Munster" on the Munsters.

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