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Video Links For 06/30/2008

Big Joe Williams - Baby Please Don't Go (1963) [Lyrics]
This is magnificent live performance by Big Joe Williams near thirty years after he release Baby Please Don't Go in 1935.  Here is the recording of the 1935 version

Big Joe Williams
[ ]

Green Day - American Idiot [Lyrics]
This is a damned good and bitingly satirical rock song. Green Day won a Grammy in 2005 for their album of the same name. 

Green Day
[ ]

Frank Zappa - Montana 08-21-73 [Lyrics]
This is a very interesting video of Zappa from 1973 live on Swedish TV.  That's got to be the most ridiculous suit I've ever seen. 

Frank Zappa of Swedish TV
[ ]

Johnny Cash "I Walk the Line" (live 1959)
Like Zappa, there is no one today comparable to the late great Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash
[ ]

Woody Shaw Quintet - Rosewood
This is a very good recording from 1979.

Woody Shaw (1979)
[ ]

Puddle Of Mudd - Psycho
I kind of like this song.

Puddle of Mud
[ ]

Polysics - Electric Surfin' Go Go (Live Japan 2006)
These guys play super fast.

Kayo on the keyboard
[ ]

The Aquabats - Fashion Zombies!
And another interesting rock parody.

The Aquabats
[ ]


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