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Video Links For 06/09/2008

Bo Diddley - Road Runner
May he rest in peace.

Bo  Diddley
[ ]

John Lee Hooker - Hobo Blues (Live 1965)
This is heavenly.

John Lee Hooker
[ ]

Dick Dale & The Del Tones - Misirlou (1963)
The King of Surf Guitar plays Misirlou.

Dick Dale
[ ]

Guy Mitchell - "She Wears Red Feathers" (1953) (Lyrics)
The lyrics to the song are pretty funny and here's the live version if you are interested.  You might remember this one by Guy.

Guy Mitchell
[ ]

Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid: Original Version
Bart got me hooked on Shirley Manson, but their music great too.

Shirley Manson
[ ]

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
This is a great song by great band.

Smashing Pumpkins
[ ]

Amy Tan on Creativity
This is a very fascinating and humorous tutorial of author Amy Tan's view of the creative process.

Amy Tan in Monterey
[ ]

Fox News Producer Ambushes Bill Moyers; Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine
It's great to see Bill Moyers carve up Billo's toady.  I love the asks for Rupert Murdoch to explain where his $20 per barrel oil is.

Bill Moyers with O'Reilly's Toady
[ ]

Colorado catches 'thong bandits'
Too funny!

What Morons! LOL
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