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Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes (1832-1915)
This is another wonderful English Pre-Raphaelite painter.  His Ophelia below is just outstanding.  I love the colors, tints and especially the beautiful and delicate figure of Ophelia below.

Ophelia (1851-1853)  See also this "first version" image.

"Hughes showed early artistic promise & enrolled in the Royal Academy Antique School in 1847. He was encouraged by Millais, who was always an affable individual. Hughes was inspired directly by The Germ, the short-lived Pre-Raphaelite magazine. He attended PRB meetings, in rather a junior hero-worshipping manner. Hughes was liked by the PRB, in fact he was throughout his long life, a well liked individual. He was also encouraged by Rossetti."

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Fair Rosamund (1854) I adjusted the color based this image.

The Nativity (1858)

In The Grass (1864-1865)

The Door of Mercy (1892-1893)

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