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Art And Video Links For 06/02/2008

Mondo Bizzarro Gallery [NSFW]
There is a lot of interesting artwork on this website, which has its gallery in Rome.  I've blogged some these artists before e.g., Lisa Petrucci, Ray Caesar, Shag and Audrey Kawasaki.  A lot of the images are erotic in nature, so keep that in mind if you are at work or are offended by such things.  Here's a description from the site's about link.

"Mondo Bizzarro was born in 1995 as Alex Papa’s odd creature. The original idea was to establish a bookshop about cool art, erotic photography, underground comics and cult movies in his home town, Bologna."

Here's a few images that caught my eye.  I'm really not in to bondage images, but the quality of Takato Yamamoto's Japanese inks on paper on "Pure Desire" is remarkable.

Pure Desire By Takato Yamamoto

Untitled Hand Colored B&W Photo by Ken-Ichi Murata

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Nagoya TV Museum of Woodblock Prints
I had blogged this site five years ago, which was before I became a Japanese woodblock freak.  There are some very nice scans from the Ukiyo-e masters here.

Hiroshige - October
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Vintage Girly Magazines via Metafilter
This blog has complete scans of old girly magazines, which are fairly tame and very cheesy compared to today's smut.

Cloud 9 - Betty and the Go-Go Set
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The Ethiopians - Train to Skaville
These guys are great!

The Ethiopians
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Wilco - California Stars
This is a great cover of the wonderful Woody Guthrie song - California Stars.

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Weezer - Pork and Beans
This is good song with a familiar cast of viral internet characters.

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Tom Russell - Who's Gonna Build Your Wall
I guess Lou Dobb's is going to have to mow everyone's lawn after they put up that wall.

Tom Russell
[ ]

Derriere Bollywood
A musical video tribute to you guessed it from clips from various Bollywood movies.

Bollywood Buns
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