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Alexa Wilding

Alluring Alexa Wilding
I was looking at 19th century paintings of the 1860-70s on Wikimedia and kept running into the enchanting beauty of Alexa Wilding, who stood out like a goddess amongst the other paintings of the period.  I did a little research and found out that artist Dante Gabriel Rosetti happened to run into Alexa on the Strand in London in the 1860's.  She was seamstress in a dress shop at the time.  When Rossetti pressured her to let him paint her, Alexa made an appointment for a sitting, but never showed up much to the chagrin of Rossetti.  Several weeks later in the Strand, Rossetti saw Alexa again from his cab and this time talked her going to his studio.  They never became lovers, but Alexa certainly became Rossetti's muse. They remained good friends until Rossetti's early death in 1882.  Alexa died shortly thereafter in 1884.  If you are interested in more details about Rossetti's artwork, check out this site.

Venus Verticordia (1864-68)

Veronica Veronese (1872)

Lilith (1864-68)

La Ghirlandata (1873)

Regina Cordium (1866)

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