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Photos From The Allied Occupation Of Japan (1948-1951)

JAPAN : 1948-1951 : Photography & Social Research during the Allied Occupation
This is a fascinating collection of 300 photographs (online rare book) that John W. Bennett took during the Allied Occupation of Japan.  This is very interesting time in which Japan was re-discovering itself in its new found government based on Western democracy.  This is also from the period that was part of the Golden Age Japanese cinema, e.g., Rashomon and Late Spring.

Here's a description from the introduction of the exhibit:

Photographs taken by anthropologist John W. Bennett in occupied Japan, 1948-1951, (a few were made in the 1960's during his term at Waseda University), with comments on the photos by Bennett. Also included are extensive selections from Bennett's professional journal of the period, and other documents. Consisting of a personal and professional memoir, this site is also a record of a unique experiment in social analysis and research that focuses on a period of particular significance in the development of Japanese and international history, politics, economics, and culture.

There are diverse portfolio sections that cover everything from Iconic Mt. Fuji to the prostitutes in Women of the Night.

Here's a selection of John Bennett's photos I liked best, but it was very hard to choose because there so many fascinating images.

A Musical Bodhisatva

Mount Fuji from Misawa Pass

Children visit the Great Buddha in Kamakura

The Great Kaminarimon--"Thunder Gateway" to the Asakusa Kannon (1962)

Another Heian Female Personality in the Jidai Matsuri Procession (1962)

Hotel Umbrellas Drying in the Sun at a Ryokan (Traditional-Style Inn) in Atami

Ama Diving Girls

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