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Dorothea Tanning

Dorothea Tanning
"Dorothea Tanning (born August 25, 1910) is an American painter, printmaker, sculptor and writer. She has also designed sets and costumes for ballet and theatre."  She was also the wife of Dada and Surrealist artist Max Ernst.  In fact, I found out about Ms. Tanning when I watched a documentary about the life of Max Ernst.  In the movie, they showed her most famous painting Birthday (below), which inspired me to write this article.  In addition to Wikimedia, I found collections of her images at Frey Norris Gallery, Bluffton University, The Tate and Ten Dreams.  Also, here is a YouTube video tribute of her work.

Birthday (1942)
Note: Scroll down to see the painting.

Family Portrait (1954)


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