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The Art of Symbolist Painter Carlos Schwabe

Carlos Schwabe [Bio]
These are selected images by the fascinating Swiss-German Symbolist painter and illustrator Carlos Schwabe (not to be confused with Charles Schwab).  I really like to get the book Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Meunier in 1900, which many of Schwabe's images below were taken from.  The Hymne below reminds me a lot of William Blake's work.  I also found out that Spleen and Ideal an album by Dead Can Dance (a great album) was inspired by the image with the same name from Fleurs du Mal. There are more images of his work available at the Pony Gallery and at ArtMagic.

Les Fleurs du Mal Illustration, Hymne (1900)

Ange d'espérance (1895)

The Grave Digger's Death (1895) via AHR

Les Fleurs du Mal Illustration, Destruction 1900

Study For The Wave 2 (1907)
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