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Art And Video Links For 05/12/2008

KuKulaland - The Strange and Wonderful Artwork of KuKula
These are great!  I love her unique weird doll-like style. I want one!  Also, read Kukula's bio; it's a riot!

Kitty Cat (2006)

Hobbie Time (2006)
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Wiktor Michajlowitsch Wassnezow
"Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov (1848 Moscow, June 23, 1926) was a Russian artist who specialized in mythological and historical subjects. He is considered a key figure of the revivalist movement in Russian art."  You can find a complete list (226 Images) of his Wikimedia images is here.

Angel (1885-1896)

Gamaun - The Prophetic Bird (1897)
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Bogdan Prystrom - The Photomontage Gallery
Also, here is a video of Bogdan's amazing artwork.

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Bathing Suit from the 1920s
There was just one of these, but isn't it great?

A Bathing Beauty
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Mojo Repair Shop Via Little Hokum Rag
This site specializes in classic and sexy album covers.

The Surf Creature
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The Art of Alex Gross  Via Femme
I blogged Alex Gross over four years ago.  I still like his artwork.  It reminds me of old Japanese advertising and propaganda posters.

Ice Cream Cone (2007)
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The Ramones - Pet Sematary [Lyrics]
When I read that story sickening story about the Pentagon using a pet crematorium for our soldiers, I thought this song by the Ramones says it best for all veterans.  BTW, if you are going to continue your goddamn war for oil, please make damn sure you take care of the soldiers by providing them proper gear in Iraq, proper health care and also helping them with education, etc. after they served thier country, and please don't bury them in pet cemetery for Christ's sakes!

The Ramones
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Carmen Cavallaro - Voodoo Moon Via Rip Rense
When you watch this video, you will understand why this guy was called the Poet of the Piano.

Poet of the Piano
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The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (Live)
This reminds me of an old girlfriend, but I can't remember what her name was. ;-)

Lou Reed
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Flying Lizards - And Then He Kissed Me
This is kind of a surreal video, but lot's of fun.

The Flying Lizards
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The Colbert Report on Oil Profiteering
Colbert skewers Big Oil's propaganda machine.

Stephen Colbert
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Great tits cope well with warming
You bet!

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