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Art And Video Links For 04/21/2008

Museo Julio Romero de Torres via Femme
This is a very talented Spanish artist.  In particular, I was enchanted with the girl below on the calendar pictures for the Spanish Association of Explosives.  I'd like to have a copy of that calendar.

La Escopeta de Caza (1929)

La Gracia (1915)
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Wen Bin
These wonderful paintings remind me a bit of surrealist Paul Delvaux.

[ ]

Gao Fang

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It'll Take The Snap Out Of Your Garters! via Art Deco
I'm always up for a vintage bevy of bathing beauties.

Bathing Beauties
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The Sundays - Summertime
This is a good band from late 1980s and early 1990s.  I love this song and it seems approprite for this time of the year.

Harriet Wheeler
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Rilo Kiley "The Frug"
What a cutie pie Jenny was in her early 20s.  Of course, she's a beauty today too!  I'm sorry I missed Rilo Kiley when they were in San Francisco last week.  BTW, I found out about the Sundays and Mazzy Star in this article.

Jenny Lewis in (1999)
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Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
What a beauty and an excellent singer too!

Hope Sandoval
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Jon Stewart Eviscerates ABC’s Hacktacular Debate
I've always hated Charlie Gibson since I first saw him on the "Good Morning America" show.  It's always fun to laugh at these self absorbed network anchor gits anyway!

Jon Stewart
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Eraserhead - In Heaven Everything Is Fine
I finally had a chance to see David Lynch's Eraserhead this week, and I thought it was great surrealist horror comedy classic.  There's a lot of really funny scenes mixed in with the all weirdness.  This clip which includes the Lady in the Radiator singing In Heaven Everything Is Fine.  The organ music playing in background earlier in the clip is by none other that the great Fats Waller.

The Lady in the Radiator
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