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Art And Video Links For 04/07/2008

Emma Florence Harrison
Not many details are known about Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite artist Emma Florence Harrison, who was also one of the Glasgow Girls, but I think these are some of the best children's book illustrations that I've ever seen.  There are more of her illustrations here.

From "Early Poems" By William Morris

An illustration to Christina Rossetti's poem 'A Birthday'
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Joseph Karl Stieler
Joseph Stieler was a German portrait artist, who's realist painting and subjects are quite fascinating.  I was particularly impressed with his paintings of women in "The Gallery of Beauties".

Beethoven (1820)

Beautiful Amalie Auguste, Princess of Bavaria
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Shadi Ghadirian via traveling with the ghost
These are wonderfully composed photographs of Iranian women, who live in a Islamic contraction forcing them to have one foot in the past and one foot in the present.

Iranian Woman With A Can Of Pepsi
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Roman Tolici via Glubibulga
Bunny rabbits gone berserk!

Hypostasis (2006)
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Domodress via Everlasting Blort
Here is a link just in case you don't know who Domo-kun is.

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Norah Jones - Sunrise
I saw an article about Norah Jones on NYT and found this gem on YouTube.  She's great!

Nora Jones
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Tegan And Sara - Back In Your Head
When I was looking up Norah Jones on YouTube, I found the amazing identical twins Tegan and Sara from Canada.  Here are a few of their songs I enjoyed on YouTube: I know I know I know, Walking with a Ghost (which White Strips covered) and Living Room.  They're great too!!!

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The Count Basie Orchestra - Corner Pocket
This music is simply sublime.  I wish I could have seen his band in his prime.

Count Basie
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Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (Live)
I saw this article on Metafilter, which reminded me about Kraftwerk, who I have featured several times before.  Radionactivity is a great of song which they performed live.  I'd love to see these guys live.  They're one of my favorite bands.  They look a little like the Blue Man Group in that picture below, don't they?

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Brian Eno - Babys on Fire
This was kind of a weird experimental color video shot at MIT in 1976, but the recording by Brian Eno is one of my all time favorites.

Brian Eno's First Album - Here Come The Warm Jets (1973)
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Michael Powers - Baby's Got a Train
This New York City blues man can really play his Fender Stratocaster reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn.  His MySpace page is here.  Thanks Tom W. for the link!

Michael Powers Live
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Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman  (Live)
This 1970's hit still sounds fresh to me and not dated at all.

Carlos Santana
[ ]

Teaserama (1955) trailer

Sexy Betty Page In Teaserama
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