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Female Nude In Painting

Female Nude in Painting is one of my favorite art image categories at Wikimedia Commons.  I'm surprised I never blogged this category before.  There are currently over 350 images in this category, which of course is not even close to exhaustive in terms of the actual number of female nude artworks created over history.  It is nonetheless a very good starting place for those interested in the astounding beauty of the female figure. 

I'm going to focus on artists and images that I have not blogged previously or recently.  Also see my related Post: Female Buttocks In Painting.

This is a beautiful Vietnamese silk painting.  I tried to find more information on the artist To Lien, but I couldn't find anything about on the Internet.

Tô Liên - Sleeping Girl
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You can see the mother's eye and appreciation for real feminine beauty and innocence in this gorgeous painting of Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun's daughter.  It has an almost Pre-Raphael feel to it.

Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun - Bather [Artist's Daughter] (1792)
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Here is another remarkable painting by the great artist Jules Joseph Lefebvre.  His nude Pandora is quite good too.  Lefebvre is one of my favorite artists.  I'm just as impressed with his colorful non-nude paintings like this one: La Fiancée.

Jules Joseph Lefebvre - Nymph with Morning Glory Flowers
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This lovely painting would have also been a good candidate for the Female Buttocks In Art Category.

Paul Baudry - The Wave and the Pearl (1862)
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Doesn't Kraka make a wonderful subject for the ideal Swedish blonde?  BTW, Kraka sounds like some lyrics you might expect from 50 Cent. ;-)

Mårten Eskil Winge - Kraka Daughter of Sigurd (1862)
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The next time I'm in LA; I'll have to check this painting out at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Charles Andre Van Loo - The Three Graces (1763)
[ ]

Klimt's The Friends is very nice indeed.

Gustav Klimt - The Friends (Destroyed) (1916-17)
[ ]

This is a nice nude by Goya.

Goya - The Naked Maja (1800-03)
[ ]

This is the only nude by Hansen, but a very interesting and realistic rendering.  I love the pose and facial expression of the model!

Canstantin Hansen - Hvilende Model (1839)
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