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Art And Video Links For 03/31/2008

Yoshiyuki Iwase via Metafilter
According to his biography, Iwase Yoshiyuki was a pioneer in modern Japanese nude painting and also in documenting traditional culture in postwar Japan.  Much of his work is based the beautiful Ama, who are the girls and women that harvested seaweed and abalone in the fishing villages on Pacific side of the Chiba peninsula.  I loved his Modernist Nudes

Modernist Nude #12 circa 1955
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Henri Gervex - Rolla
I think this is an outstanding nude by the French painter Henri Gervex.

Rolla (1878)
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Yuko Tanji via Aways with U
I really love the fanciful, textured and color matching of her figurative artwork.  She also has prints for sale on Nucleus.

Red Billed Bird
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Cynthia Consentino via Everlasting Blort
She's great!

Flower Girl I (2004)
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Peeps Show II
These are some pretty fun images from Wapo.

Paul Byer's - Nightmare In Pink
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Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally - Live!
Wilson Pickett was one of the greatest R&B Soul singers of all times.  Also, check out his live version of The Midnight Hour Live Wilson Pickett and this recording of Funky Broadway.

Wilson Pickett
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Sarah Vaughan - Whatever Lola Wants
This is one of Sassy's classic recordings.

Sarah Vaughan
[ ]

Franco, Sam Mangwana & TPOK Jazz - Cooperation
These are two legends of African Rumba or Soukous music, and this is one of their best recordings together in my opinion.

Sam Mangwana and Franco
[ ]

Anna Domino - Land Of My Dreams via Coisas do arco da velha
I've never heard of Anna Domino before, but I like this haunting song.  It kind of grows on you.

Anna Domino (1984)
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