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Art And Video Links For 03/17/2008

Captain Beefheart - Electricity
I always liked this song by the great rock artist - Captain Beefheart.  This song was from his Safe as Milk album.

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Pere Ubu - Birdies (Urgh! A Music War)
This is a good song Pere Ubu.  Also, I liked this later live performance of Waiting for Mary with Debra Harry singing on backup.

David Thomas in LA 1981
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Pink Lady - UFO
Whenever you see a UFO, remember to send out an SOS.

Pink Lady
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Le Tigre - Deceptacon (live Eurockeenes France 2004)
I like this song.  Here's the video version.

Le Tigre
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Ernie and Bert go BRUTAL Via Metafilter

Bert And Ernie Go Crazy on the Drums
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