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Cats In Art

Cats in Art is another one of those Wikimedia categories that is sure to get you purring. It's interesting in art history that cats are usually associated much more with woman and girls, but I don't think cats were ever really gender specific.  Please note there there are subcategories like Cats in Japanese art and Cats in Ancient Egypt. Anyway, here's some of my favorites:

International Baking Powder Ad (1885)

Edward Penfield's Harper's May Cover (1897)

Hans Baldung - Woman With Cat (1529)

Yumeji Takehisa - Kurofuneya
Renoir - Mrs. Julie Manet (1887) Mary Cassatt - Sara Holding A Cat (1908)
Gauguin - Blooms And Cats (1899) John William Godward - Idleness (1900)

Manet's Beautiful Olympia (1863)

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