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Art And Video Links For 02/04/2008

Gustave Moreau [1826-1898]
This is an outstanding watercolor by the French Symbolist painter Gustave Moreau.

Europa and the Bull (1869)
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Paul Trouillebert [1829-1900] Art Renewal Center
I really like this painting, but the cobra does give me a bit a of the creeps.

Paul Désiré Trouillebert - The Nude Snake Charmer (1880?)
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Matt Mahurin
I happen to see one of Matt's illustrations in this very interesting Rolling Stone article: The Fear Factory.

Green Angel
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Franz Von Stuck - Salome (1906)
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Kenro Izu via Malanda

Untitled - 1021B
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Bill Maher Dancing Man
Bill Maher says that we should: "Never again elect a blackout drinker for president".  Funny stuff!

Bill Maher
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Super Obama Girl
Hopefully, she'll help Obama get elected in California on Tuesday!

Super Obama Girl
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