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The Visual Art Of William Blake

William Blake [Bio 1757-1827] Wikimedia Archive and Essay
William Blake was one of the more fascinating poets and personages of the Romantic movement.  His paintings and engravings seem visionary (no pun intended) today, e.g., the Symbolist art movement for example.  Here are a few of my Blake favorites from the set of over 142 files in the Wikimedia archive.  I also liked Wikiquote collection of Blake Quotes.  My favorite one is: "The true method of knowledge is experiment."  

Update: The WikiSource has an incredible collection of Blake's poetry, including illustrated works, that is just super!  I was particularly touched by his illustrated poem - The Little Black Boy.  It brought a tear to my eye, and poignantly revealed the abolitionist side of Blake way back in 1789!  It's really amazing all the wonderful works of art that is at our fingertips on the Internet and especially Wikipedia!

Europe Supported By Africa
and America Engraving (1796)

Satan Watching the Caresses of
Adam and Eve Illustration (1808)

Jacob's Ladder (c1800) The Ancient of Days (1794)

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