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The Octopus In Japanese Erotic Art

I'm not big fan of Japanese erotic art unless the quality of the artwork is outstanding.  My favorite work of Shunga, Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, is by the master Japanese Ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai.  I'm also quite impressed by the exceptional quality of the modern paintings of Yuji Moriguchi, which I found via Blog About.  Unlike the disturbing sadistic tentacle images of Japanese Hentai books and anime, the women in these depictions seem to be in a state of erotic ecstasy with their octopus lovers.  Whatever the underlying psychology is behind these images, I have to blame Captain Beefheart and his Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish song from Trout Mask Replica for my warped mind!

Update 07-21-2008: I found a few more octopus themed works at the Rin Nadeshico (see below).

Update 08-28-2009: I added Old Octopus toy paintings (below) and updated the Rin Nadeshico URLs.

Update 08-31-2009: Octopii -- Can't live with em' can't live without 'em

Hokusai's - Dream of the Fisherman's Wife (1820)

Moriguchi’s “Veranda” (left)  “Tide” (right).

Maiden Octopus Wave (2006) By Rin Nadeshico

School Girls on a Squid and Octopus

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Old octopus toy paintings
These are wonderful.  I wish I had more time to look through the The Ningyo-do Bunko Database online collection of 5,000 watercolor paintings by Kawasaki Kyosen (1877-1942).

Paper craft octopus, Osaka
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Yuji Moriguchi
Here is a new image by this artist.

Octopus Mandela - Eight Maidens (2010)

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