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Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery

The Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City and features many impressive artists that I had never seen before.  I haven't even had a chance to check all the artists and find all their the websites. 

Below are three artists that caught my eye anyway, and many thanks to Lou Patrou, whose work is now on exhibit, (art below) for sending me the link.  The next time I'm NYC, I'll have to check this place out.

Mari Yamagiwa
I was very impressed with colorful, surreal figurative art of Mari Yamagiwa.  She is very prolific and has a wonderful imagination.

He Knows my Secret (2007)
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Lou Patrou
I liked Lou Patrou's designs very much.  I think that in addition to artwork they would make remarkable printed designs for fabrics for sofas and clothes for example.

TV Heads (1983)
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Benita Jung
I also enjoyed Benita Jungs abstract figurative artwork and her guardian angel in particular.

My Angel
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