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Yoshu Chikanobu

I found this wonderful collection of 289 prints by Chikanobu in the The Scripps College Collection of Japanese Prints at the Claremont College Digital Library.  These are large beautiful scans of this mostly unknown Meiji period Ukiyo-e artist, who lived from 1838-1912.  I had really not looked closely at Chikanobu's prints before, but was I reminded of his work today when I saw an item on his triptychs in Femme.  I did some research of my own, and then, I ran across this spectacular collection.  I must have spent at least two hours looking at these beautifully designed and colored wood block prints.  The prints are very well documented and excellent descriptions and interpretations of the individual prints are provided.  I had a real hard time just trying to select images for this post because there are so many beautiful artworks.  According to Artelino, his early prints normally sell for $100-200!

Applying Powder to Neck (1897)

Sewing (1896)

Snake: Shinobazu Benzaiten (1894)

Wang Pou (Oho) Visits a Grave During a Storm (1890)

Aquarium (circa 1896-1897)

Moon Viewing over Sarashina Rice Fields (1891)

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