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IWR Art Links For 12/24/2007

Delphin Enjolras (Bio 1857-1945)
I love the lighting and tints in these gorgeous paintings.

La Lettre

Young Woman Reading by a Window

Nude by Firelight
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Duane Hansen [Bio 1925-1996]
These sculptures are a great antidote to all of the Madison Avenue hype that we Americans have been fed constantly for years.  There should be more art about average people.  Don't you think?  BTW, I think I saw that young shopper earlier today at the mall.  She almost knocked me over!  There are more of his images here and here.


Young Shopper
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Chinese Paper Gods
These paper gods were collected over 60 years by missionary Ann S. Goodrich, who spent much of her life trying to understand Chinese culture including writing several books on the subject.  These Paper Gods are part of the colorful Chinese New Years celebrations.  There were paper gods displayed in each room in the house, which were then burned after a year use or burned directly after ceremonial usage.

Zeng fu Caishen
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The Floating World of Edo Bathhouses (Babelfish English Translation)
This Japanese site is all related to the Edo period and Japanese bathhouses.  There are some nice original digital prints (Bf) of Edo Woman.  There are detailed descriptions about the bathhouse itself (Bf), the styles and beauty of Edo Women (Bf) and a newspaper (Bf).  This site is loaded with interesting and beautiful images and information about Edo period bathhouses.

Torii Kiyonaga's "Women at Bath"

Untitled Edo Woman
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As The Flames Get Brighter The Snowman Screams
Just in case you are being overrun by an overdose of Christmas sentimentality, this is just the cure!

Bun Warmer Santa
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