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IWR Art Links For 12/03/2007

Fernand Khnopff [Bio 1858-1921More Works and A Few More Works
As time goes on, I'm becoming more attracted to symbolist painters like the Belgian artist Fernand Khnopff.  I especially like his painting below for which I could not find a title or date.  But isn't she beautiful? 

[ ]

Takayoshi SAKURAI
I love the colors in these works of art.  The painting below is sort of like a Hokusai view of Mt Fuji on peyote. But the father of all Mt. Fuji paintings or prints in my opinion is Red Fuji by Hokusai.

Takami (2006)
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Chinai Kyosuke
Although there are only three images on this site, the painting below just outstanding.  Does anyone know if this artist has a web site their own?  I couldn't find one.

[ ]

This artist is very talented.  I love his Mt. Fuji's and also his female figures. There are a few more images available by this artist on this site, and also here too.

Un-translated (2006)

Spring instrumentation (2005)
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What a weird, but cute Kitty Kat!

Joker (2006)
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Allison Delarue Collection at Princeton University Library
I really liked the sheet music cover below.  It's enchanting.

Untitled Sheet Music Cover
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