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IWR Videos For 11/05/2007

MOO! QT or  MOO! Flash
This is an brilliant work of animation using Adobe Photoshop by an entity out there called Cyriak.

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Oingo Boingo - Private Life [Bio] [Lyrics]
I had forgot about the art rock band Oingo Boingo mostly because the music I have by them is on vinyl and in cardboard box somewhere.  Also, I had never seen any of their video performances so this is a real treat for me.  Their social satire seems even more relevant today than it did back in the early 80's.  Here a few more of their videos that I liked: Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me, Little Girls and Dead Man's Party.

Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo
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Unknown Hinson - Venus Bound [Bio] [No Lyrics Found]
This guy sort of personifies what the phrase bat shit crazy means!  If you want to complain, send your hate mail to Rip Rense, who emailed this link to me with no explanation.  BTW, Hinson does appear to be credible guitarist in his own right - Voodoo Chile Live.

The Unknown Hinson
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Radiohead - Paranoid Android [Bio] [Lyrics]
I had not seen this animation by Radiohead before. 

A Scene from Paranoid Android
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Steve Martin - King Tut [Bio] [Lyrics]
I immediately thought of Steve Martin when I heard today that they are going to show the face of King Tut.

Steve Martin
[ ]

Picking Up Girls Made Easy! (mp3s) Via PCL
Listen carefully to these MP3s and you might learn something, or Not!

It's so easy!
[ ]

Automania 2000: 1963 Animation
The future if there wasn't an energy crisis.

40 Ft. Car
[ ]

The Daily Show: The Strife Aquatic
Jon Stewart grills the Bush Administration on torture.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Real Time New Rules Nov. 2, 2007

Bill Maher
[ ]

The Word
Stephen Colbert on the 2008 presidential job description.

Stephen Colbert
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