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The Art of Tamara De Lempicka

The Rose Tunic (1927)

Tamara de Lempicka [Bio 1898-1980] Art Hub (A Few Big Scans)
I have always liked the Polish Art Deco artist Tamara De Lempicka's paintings, but I think over time and after looking at this large collection of her artwork that she is becoming one of favorite artists in the 20th century.  Here's a selection of her paintings that I enjoyed from the collection that I also haven't blogged before, e.g., The Girl With Green Gloves.  Also, here are a few photos of the artist. Note: some of the images look better if you just open the JPG file in it's own window.

The Pink Shirt I Circa (1927)

High Summer (1928)

The Convalescent (1932)

Portrait of Suzy Solidor (1933)


The Two Girlfriends (1930) Kizette (Tamara's Daughter) in Pink Circa (1926)

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