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IWR Art Links For 11/26/2007

The World Of Satoshi Yabuuchi
What wonderful and whimsical imagination this wood sculptor has.  I want one of these for Christmas!!!!   Please read the artist's own statement on the concept of his work.

Mokuyo doji Unryu

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Bookscans Update
This site recently release 1700 new paperback book scans, and there are some pretty funny ones in this lot.

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Mieko Minazumi  Dolls (Two and Half Years Later)
Mieko still makes the most beautiful dolls...

Doll (2006)
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Lost Fish (a Year Later)
Rusty has some new works and her old a definitely worth a second look.  These are excellent works of art.


Twins (2006)
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Jean-Lon Grme (via Femme) and Art Renewal Center
I had blogged this neoclassical artist before in the pre-wiki days.  BTW, I realy love his Venus rising on a wave.

Venus Rising the Star
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Pulp Cambodia Novel Covers: Hul Sophon - NaBloPoMo (Via PCL)

Raceny Koktlok
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