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IWR Art Links For 11/19/2007

The Art of Saira Wasim [Bio 1975]
Saira Wasim is a contemporary Pakistani artist, who specializes in political and cultural art.  Her Silent Voices 1 painting below for example is dedicated to the sexually abused baby girls in Pakistan, who have no voice in that country (our so-called ally).   One of the great tragedies of this damn war in Iraq is that women had it better under Saddam Hussein than they do with our so-called 'friends'.  I think I'll head over to Berkeley this week and check out Ms. Wasim's  One Way or Another: Asian American Art Now Exhibit at BAM/PFA.

New World Order (2006)

Shadow 2 (2002)

Silent Voices 1 (2002)

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Lauren Bacall Photos [Bio 1924]
After I saw the the Penny Arcade Portrait of Lauren Bacall by Joseph Cornell, it reminded me of what a beauty Lauren Bacall was in her day.   Last week, I watched her first movie that she starred in with her husband to be Humphrey Bogart - To Have And Have Not.  She was only 19!

Lauren Bacall (1950)

Lauren Bacall (1946)

Other Images of Lauren Bacall:

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It's been a long time since I posted any monster posters.  I've been kind of keeping this German site to myself because I was using it to create photo cartoons.  There's a lot of great sci-fi posters, lobby cards and paraphernalia on this site.

Teenagers From Outer Space
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Sai Tamiya
I have blogged this artist before, but when I ran into her sight again, I was really impressed with the painting below.  The colors, textures and patterns in this painting are quite remarkable.

Red Dress (2006)
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Sofia Chiostri Postcards (Via Tea Time)
These are cool.

Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter)
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Glamour Photography - Summer 1957 (Via Blort)
This is a full scan of the Summer 1957 magazine.  It's pretty cheesy, but still a little titillating at the same time.

Back Cover
[ ]

Walton Ford
He's a great illustrator.

Dying Words (2005)
[ ]

Higuchi Kae (Via Glubibulga)
I like these paintings, especially the one below.

Red Thread-B (2004)
[ ]

Andrzej Dragan
There are some interesting photos on this site.

Sztuka Miesa (2005)
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